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Who we are

Travellers like you. We have travelled near and far and are now here for you, with total passion.
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Deluxe Rooms

Wonderfully high, large spaces. Sometimes size does matter!
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Superior Rooms

Just a little less spacious than the others, but still cozy and beautiful. Sometimes size doesn’t actually matter!
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Where we are

Where we are, the district of OLTRARNO This is where we love to be – in the more quirky and authentic Oltrarno neighbourhood.

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Wake up and dream in Florence!
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Useful tips and answers to your questions.Answers to your questions.

Visit or Sister B+B in Florence!!!

AdAstra Hotel Particuler

Overlooking the largest private garden in Europe, with the fragrance of flowers and plants and a blissful quiet in the air, AdAstra is the Hôtel Particulier of Florence. The result of a collaboration between the architect Francesco Maestrelli and Marco and Matteo Perduca, it is home to seven rooms on the main first floor of the villa, and two immersed in the Torrigiani garden in Oltrarno – the most real and authentic Florentine district.Palaces, squares, bridges, museums, churches, theatres, cinemas and shops are all at a walking distance from the residence.