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La Residenza

SoprArno is in the Renaissance heart of the more artisanal Florentine neighbourhood of Oltrarno just a hop and a skip from the main centre. Palazzo PItti is around one corner, Piazza Santo Spirito around another. Santa Trinita bridge is at the bottom of the street and from the view of the Arno river there you can see the Pontevecchio and Piazzale Michelangelo up above. Cross the bridge and you are in Via Tornabuoni, the beautiful fashion street – keep going all the way to Palazzo Vecchio and the main Duomo square. Palaces, piazzas, bridges, museums, art galleries and churches – but also cafes, restaurants, shops and spaces are all to be discovered walking and exploring.
SoprArno is on the first and second floors of a building and internal courtyard which dates from the 1200′s and used to belong to the Velluti family.

All of Via Maggio is studded with splendid buildings, very much due to the Vellutis who created a throughfare in what was then countryside. Over the centuries, the Via “Maggiore” became the main route to and from Rome, which as ever was the centre of political and religious life, and the wealthy Florentine families tried to outdo each other by building the grandest palazzo next to each other.



At SoprArno Suites we offer our guests a great location just a short walk from the Pontevecchio in the Santo Spirito area of the Oltrarno neighbourhood, just south of the main historical centre, where Florence still breathes an authentic, artisanal and artistic spirit.

We will share with you our favourite hidden places so that you can discover a more interesting and unique Florence, the creamiest ice cream, the most delicious seasonal cake, the more sparkling place for an aperitivo, the worthy museum that’s tucked away; the restaurant to try, the shop to explore, the walk not to be missed…we can tell you all this as insiders who love tradition, innovation, quality and creativity.